Set the Tone with Opulent Flooring

People immediately look down when entering a room, even if it's just a glance. Shaffer stocks a variety of different flooring styles and colors, enabling you to create a unified design that results in a highly-finished, prestigious appearance from top to bottom.

Durable Enough for the Toughest Applications

Shaffer Sports caters to a wide variety of sports-related events, many of which integrate large structures, heavy vehicles and other industrial equipment into their floor plans. Our flooring components are crafted to withstand excessive weights and high-traffic usage.

Multi-Purpose Usability

No one notices how level and smooth a walkway is… until it isn’t. Flooring from Shaffer Sports & Events is the simplest way to ensure your guests have a comfortable, safe experience, no matter how rugged or unlevel the terrain underneath happens to be. Our floors provide a stable foundation within tents, on walkways and throughout the surrounding areas of your event.

Protection for Costly Locations

The weight of several hundred people (not to mention the potential damage caused by machinery or other event-related equipment) can quickly take its toll on natural turf. Our flooring components are designed to endure the toughest challenges, remaining durable and wear-resistant, even in high-traffic areas.


Uncompromising Quality and Style

Create a design statement with high-impact flooring styles ranging from our clear acrylic with colored under-lighting to the more subtle and refined modular wooden floors with natural wood grain. We also have a variety of carpeting choices designed for style and durability.