Dynamic and Reliable Foundations

Whether you’re organizing a trade show, private party or sporting event, safety is always a primary concern. To ensure the well-being of your guests, Shaffer offers a safe yet versatile scaffolding support system engineered to provide the strongest level of support for structures of any size.


Maximum Strength Begins with Durable Materials

Our scaffolding is constructed of three basic building materials: steel piping, wooden timbers and heavy-duty plywood. These three industrial components have provided reliable foundations for countless stages, tents, storage platforms and a host of other raised or expansive temporary structures.


Built In Practically Any Location

No matter how remote or metropolitan your event, our scaffolding structures are designed to accommodate a wide range of terrain – from perfectly level to moderately slopes to to borderline mountainous. Our engineers specialize in working around the “unworkable” locations, ensuring a seamless, level foundation for seating, walkways and tents.


The Ultimate in Customization

Designed to support a multitude of highly-stable applications, scaffolding can be used to raise seating inside or outside a tent for optimal viewing, elevate platforms to create event focal points, or lift temporary structures off the ground to compensate for obstructive landscapes. Our understructure is a simple, reliable way to instantly and dramatically improve the guest experience.

Easily Safeguard Costly Locations

Many planners incorporate scaffolding into their designs as an effective means of protecting sensitive turf. By raising the entire structure above the ground, you can construct nearly any structure yet remain minimally invasive to the surroundings. Scaffolding protects fragile environments by reducing the amount of contact that would occur without a solid understructure.