A Multitude of Lighting Possibilities

Setting the right mood is important. And the lighting accessories from Shaffer Sports & Events can help you transform a dull tent into an unforgettable destination. We stock a range of versatile lighting fixtures, enabling you to pick just the right components to compliment your décor.

An Entire Warehouse of Pro-Grade Equipment at Your Disposal

Spotlights, sconce lighting, colored up-lights, rows of small non-ornate chandeliers, functional low bay lights capable of illuminating an entire tent, flushed-mounted fixtures, and a wide selection of additional decorative and functional lighting accessories are a few of the choices we have in stock.

Mix and Match from Our Endless Selection

No matter how big or small your event, lighting options can be combined as needed – across the entire event or within a single tent. You can easily create a consistent lighting theme throughout or add visual cues to distinguish one area from another.

Professional Support

Our lighting technicians possess a broad level of professional lighting experience and are on-hand to help you choose the right components for any setting. They have created attractive and functional lighting installations at venues across the U.S. Additionally, our in-house staff can provide guidance on electrical capacity requirements and other safety issues.

Capitalize on Cost-Saving Natural Light

Ceiling panels, skylight panels or window walls can be added to many of our tents. When combined with electric components, these vibrant upgrades allow guests to take in scenic views and provide a stylish mix of natural and artificial lighting. Clear panels reduce the amount of artificial light needed for a structure, lowering installation time and costs.