Tiered Seating

Optimal Views from Every Seat

Fans expect a comfortable place to enjoy the action, and comfort has everything to do with seating design. Shaffer Sports & Events can help you create comfortable, unobstructed seating areas – from the field to the nose-bleed section – for everything from tennis and golf to baseball, football and hockey.

Comfort in Any Location

When combined with our scaffolding products, temporary seating can be installed in practically any location. Add seating in open fields or alongside one of our clear span or double-decker tents, regardless of the surrounding terrain. We can construct enclosed seating areas within many of our tents, perfect for VIPs.

The Best Seats in the House

Tiered seating layouts are designed to create consistently great vantage points from any location, from the first row to the last. Ideal for large crowds, tiered seating is constructed of multiple rows that are elevated and evenly spaced to provide spectators a clear view and an easy path to their seat.

Seating That Matches Your Event

Similar to lighting, floors and other accessories, seating is an important element of an event’s overall theme. We stock a variety of tiered seating products that are all customizable according to need and price. From bleachers and tip-ups to tables and chairs, we provide corresponding mix-and-match components that enable you to provide unique areas for a range of different guests.