Support & Design Services

Planning an event can be an overwhelming challenge. Shaffer provides a variety of design and conceptual marketing services to make every event project seamless and efficient.

CAD Design Services

Proven Experience

Shaffer has built a respected reputation in the sports events industry as a provider or some of the largest event projects, for the highest-profile clients, nationwide. In the past five years, we have produced over 150 major events in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Spectacular structure settings, special tent shapes, theme interiors, novel furniture, colorful wraps, signage, mood lighting, banquet seating, table settings, linens and even decorative art, are all part of Shaffer Sports and Events' offerings.

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Conceptual Rendering and CAD

Two-dimensional plans are standard issue with each Shaffer Sports & Events project. We also offer three-dimensional CAD rendering to help plan and visualize an event in greater detail. With Shaffer’s CAD applications, we are able to create drawing files which show exact layout and dimensions for your event structures. This virtual look at proposed structures will assist in the planning of lighting, furniture, entrances, exits, seating, televisions, staircases, and other key design elements.

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Marketing Services

Shaffer Sports provides a variety of complimentary marketing services to our clients. We can create sell sheets and other promotional materials to help plan and ensure the success of your event. Event mapping guides can be generated to distribute to attendees, as well as event vendors. We can create interactive virtual tours, which can be rotated to view your event from a 360 degree perspective.