Conceptual Rendering

Technology Proven to Save You Time and Money

When mounting pressures require you to deliver an event on-time and on-budget, it’s essential to have a clear vision from day one. We can provide advanced conceptual rendering that shows how your structures will appear inside and out. Adjust, rearrange or completely redo any of the elements related to your floor plan before a single foot steps onto the turf (and avoid unwanted surprises in the process).

Arrange (and Rearrange) Your Design

Our expert staff can sit down with you, in person or on the phone, and plan in detail everything from the lighting and furniture layouts to the location of entrances, exits and even your floor pattern to ensure the most efficient traffic flow. Offering friendly advice on a wide range of design elements, we show you how each component impacts the end result.

A Preview from Wall to Wall

Our conceptual renderings help you visualize event layouts in vibrant, three-dimensional color, providing graphic views of your event structures and environment that contain everything from large fixtures to lighting and accessories. We can also create interactive virtual tours that can be rotated to view your event from a 360-degree perspective, providing an exact representation of your interior design options.

Exacting Detail with 3D Renders

For larger or more complex sporting events, we offer the option of upgrading to three-dimensional CAD rendering, enabling you to plan and visualize your event in greater detail. Shaffer’s advanced CAD applications create drawing files that show the exact layout and dimensions for your event structures. This virtual look at proposed components will assist in the efficient planning of furniture, seating, televisions, staircases, and other key design elements that often accompany large floor plans.

2D CAD for Every Project

We provide our customers with two-dimensional computer-aided-design drawings (CADs) with every project we plan. Presenting far more than a standard blueprint, our CADs list vital information related to your event – including materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances – allowing you to plan your event with confidence.