Shaffer Sports and Events has an extensive list of rental equipment of the highest quality. Approximately 75 percent of our inventory is less than five years old, and can be relied upon to be perfect in both form and function.

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Clear Span Tent

Elegant enough for a prestigious golf tournament and durable enough for long-term industrial storage, clear span tents can be erected in hours and dismantled just as rapidly with minimal disturbance to the site. Clear span tents have no interior poles and no exterior ropes, just unencumbered usable space that can accommodate a multitude of applications.

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Double-Decker Tent

Double-Decker tents allow you to double your available square footage without increasing your footprint. Built with the same modular components as our clear span tents, Double-Deckers come in a wide range of sizes, wall and ceiling materials, and seating choices.

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Frame Tents

Frame tents are constructed with a lightweight tubular frame. They can be built and dismantled faster and with less manpower than the larger clear span tents. They can provide shade and shelter solutions, booths for food vendors and retailers, lounge areas for spectators and much more.

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Pole Tent

Pole tents are our most traditional style of tent. The pole tent is a tall and elegant big top style tent that is similar to a circus tent. These tents offer sweeping dramatic lines and elegant peaks and dips that look as good on the inside as they do from the exterior.

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High Peak Tent

High Peak Tent

High peak tents are designed to give you the unique look of a high pitch pole tent with the installation benefits of a clear span tent. These eye-catching tents with peaked roof sections can be interconnected and are available in a variety of sizes.

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