Clear Span Tent

Achieving Unsurpassed Quality and Sophistication

The sturdy versatility of our Clear Span tent is matched only by the elegance of its design. Blending seamlessly into any landscape, the modular components enable us to tailor a size and shape unique to your exact needs.


Securely Built on Any Terrain

Our small profile Clear Span tents can be erected and dismantled in a matter of hours without a crane or boom truck. The Clear Span tent can be staged on a variety of surfaces, from grass to asphalt. We anchor it with weights or build it on a secure understructure to compensate for rugged terrain.

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Temperature Control

Never mind the weather outside. With our Clear Span tent, guests stay dry and comfortable with our optional inventory of heating and cooling units. We can provide a range of powerful generators to accommodate any additional electrical needs.

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Custom-Built for Your Event

Our Clear Span tents come standard with solid white vinyl walls and ceilings. But for those needing something more personal, walls and ceilings can be upgraded to include mesh walls, window walls (in cathedral or block style), and hard walls (in white or clear glass). Plus, we offer your choice of French doors, glass doors or hard doors for entrances.

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Made-To-Order Branding Capabilities

At Shaffer Sports & Events, we manufacture all of our walls and ceilings in-house. In doing so, our clients gain the ability to emblazon practically any component of the tent with custom graphics or logos. Branding elements can be printed wall-to-wall to make a high-impact, eye-catching impression./


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Stylish Atmosphere, Amazing Interiors

Our inventory of flooring and tent liners can transform an ordinary interior into something remarkable. Billowy ceiling swags can be backlit to provide diffused lighting. Sconces and other lighting components add to provide attractive accents throughout. Add wood panel walls in multiple colors to convey a refined appearance.

The Freedom of Wide Open Space

The Clear Span tent is constructed without the use of interior poles or cumbersome exterior ropes. This creates an expansive, spacious interior that can be easily modified and decorated without having to work around a skeletal support structure.

Flexible Sizing for Multipurpose Structures

We manufactured the Clear Span tent to suit a huge range of size requirements. Tents are available in small, medium and large profiles with widths that range from 3 meters (10 feet) to 50 meters (164 feet) and lengths that are adjustable in 3-meter or 5-meter increments.

 Width OptionsLength OptionsLeg Height OptionsConstruction Method
Small Profile 9' 10" (3m)
19' 8" (6m)
29' 6" (9m)
39' 4" (12m)
3m Increments 8' 0" (2.45m)
9' 10" (3m)
Medium Profile 39' 4" (12m)
49' 3" (15m)
65' 7" (20m)
82' 0" (25m)
3m Increments
5m Increments
8' 2" (2.5m)
9' 10" (3m)
13' 1" (4m)
Hand or Crane
Large Profile 98' 5" (12m)
131' 3" (15m)
164' 1" (20m)
5m Increments 11' 2" (3.4m)
13' 1" (4m)
17' 81" (5.4m)