Double-Decker Tent

Expand Your Event Capacity

The Double Decker tent from Shaffer Sports & Events is a luxurious upgrade to our popular and highly-adaptable Clear Span structure. It adds a fully customizable second floor, effectively doubling your usable space without increasing the footprint.

All Under One Roof

Featuring a limitless variety of configurations, the Double Decker tent enables you to create a number of distinctly unique and private spaces – including spectator seating, VIP lounges, hospitality areas and media centers – all within close proximity to each another.

Capitalize on Your Environment

We help you make the most of your location with modular components that allow us to tailor the Double Decker tent to your specifications. We provide enhanced customization with upgrades like interior balconies and tiered seating on the top or bottom levels.

Many Wall, Ceiling, and Door Options

Double-Decker tents comes standard with solid white vinyl walls and ceilings. We also provide mesh walls, window walls (in cathedral or block style), and hard walls (in white or clear glass). Choose between French doors, glass doors or hard doors for entrances. With our custom printing services, customers can include high-impact graphics and logos on nearly any tent surface.

Custom Tailored to the Perfect Size

The Double-Decker tent is available in 10-meter, 15-meter and 20-meter widths. Lengths are adjustable in 5-meter increments. It can be built on secure understructure or anchored with weights where staking is problematic.