Frame Tent

Simplicity Designed for a Diverse Range of Uses

Our Frame tents remain popular due to their unique combination of convenience, strength and affordability. Built and dismantled faster and with less manpower than our larger models, temporary structures have never been this simple.

Lightweight, Safe and Reliable

Manufactured with a lightweight tubular frame, these tents can easily be move from one place to another, yet they are also safe and reliable. Frame tents can be erected by hand, making them a logical choice in areas inaccessible to cranes or other large equipment.

Shade and Shelter for Many Purposes

Frame tents keep guests cool, dry and safely protected from harsh elements. They’re ideal for check-in stations, hospitality tents, retail or food-service booths, lounge areas and many other uses. We can provide accessories like heating units or fans to enhance the outdoor experience.

Save Big on Labor Costs

Frame tents are easily constructed and dismantled on a variety of surfaces. They require less manpower to build than our larger tents which can save you a bundle in labor costs – making the Frame tent one of our most cost-effective models.

Built to Size

Our Frame tents range in size from 2-meter prep tents to larger format structures that include: 3-meter, 3.5-meter, 4.5-meter, 6-meter, 9-meter and 12-meter-wide gables. They can be custom-built to your specified length in 3-meter increments.