Pole Tent

Style, Impact and Classical Elegance

The traditional design of this impressive model invokes a sense of timeless sophistication while delivering all the modern conveniences of 21st-century portable shelter, enabling you to create a unique setting in any location.

Endless Opportunity for Décor

Just as impressive on the inside as it is from a distance, the Pole tent features interior structural components that can be transformed into beautiful design features. The interior poles are ideal for hanging flowers and other décor, and the high-peak ceilings lend themselves to a variety of unique lighting designs.

Designed for Large Gatherings

Our pole tent mimics the spaciously-efficient design of the classic Big Top tent. With graceful peaks and dips that give way to sweeping dramatic lines, this classic hospitality tent comfortably houses hundreds of guests. It instantly creates a visually-exciting outdoor space and is ideal for major events.

Make a Lasting Impression

The Pole tent can be fitted with a variety of interior furnishings to help turn your vision into a reality. Wood floors or carpeting, ceilings liners and swags, light fixtures, TV columns and a range of other accents and accessories are a few of the options.

Two Convenient Sizes

Pole tents are available in two sizes. Our smaller version measures 18 x 27 meters (60 x 90 feet) and the larger one measures 18 x 36 meters (60 x 120 feet).